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Знаем, че този момент е труден за всички нас – родители, учители, обучители. Нашият екип е готов да ви съдейства. Ти си родител или учител – можеш да заявиш среща с нас.



Онлайн училище
У дома – Как да докараме природата в къщи?



Нашата планинска база може да ви приюти, вас, ваше събитие или обучение. Енергията на мястото е много силна. Тук е учила самата Валя Балканска.


Как да се справим със стреса у дома?

Да вкараме природата у дома

Нашите социални мрежи

Бъдете свързани с нас тук

Искра за успех – учещи истории

Това са кратки модули, предназначени да „предизвикват” интерес към уменията за четене и грамотност, използвайки иновативния подход на ICAL Inside. Базирайки се на концепцията за изграждане на разбиране и самочувствие, тези курсове позволяват на студентите да изживеят избрани книги от 12 различни гледни точки, използвайки множествената интелигентност.

Brave Irene

We believe all children are gifted and are able to accelerate their learning with the right guidance.
With Success Sparks, reading is a joyful experience with effective (content-based) and affective (esteem-based) activities. Students discover they understand the story naturally by using Gardner’s Intelligences to experience the story in many different ways.

„Snowflakes keep falling from the sky
The ball gown is ready but must be taken by
The Duchess’s palace
But snowflakes keep from the sky, they keep falling…
Mrs. Bobbin feels really sick
Brave Irene, her daughter, takes the gown and makes a trip
Over the mountain

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Harold had a purple crayon, could draw many things.
He could draw lines and shapes, loops, squares and swings.
Harold drew a moon and a path to walk on,
Across a field and to a wood he came upon.
A tree with tasty apples, a dragon on guard.
An ocean, a sailing boat, a sandy beach so hard.
Pies for a picnic lunch, then to find a hill.
Climb high, look across the sky but no window still . . .
Falling through the air, a balloon to float down.
A house with many windows, cities and a town.
But Harold couldn’t think of where his window could be.
He asked a policeman, then had a memory.

Growth Sparks with Nature
Introduction Language Acquisition

Children and adults experience the thrill of immediate understanding
when you apply this powerful concept in your classroom
Expanding their proficiency and communication skills, attitudes and language abilities in: Interpretive Mode of communication, Interpersonal mode and presentational mode.
Develop each child in seven different ways: symbolic play, socio-dramatic play, social cooperation, Exploratorium play, imaginative play, object play, constructive role play (using both large and small motor skills)
Exploratorium and STEAM at this introductory level
• Developing the nerve connections hands→brain
• A prompt to use scientific process while students play
• Engaging child’s senses while presenting them with a learning task that helps to fully comprehend and retain information
• Therapeutic on an emotional level, helps to calm and soothe
• Facilitates: language development, problem solving skills, cognitive function, fine & gross motor skills


Реално постигнати резултати!





Покана за извънредно отчетно-изборно ОС на НЧ „Бъдеще сега 2006“

Във връзка с провеждането на извънредно отчетно изборно събрание на Народно читалище „Бъдеще сега 2006“ ви уведомяваме, че е насрочено ново събрание за дата 21.11.2020г. Целият текст на поканата можете[…]

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Покана за извънредно ОС на НЧ „Бъдеще сега 2006“

Читалищното настоятелство на Народно читалище „Бъдеще сега 2006“, област Смолян свиква извънредно отчетно-изборно общо събрание, което ще се проведе на 23.09.2020 г. от 17:00 часа на живо в голямата зала[…]

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Покана за Общо събрание на НЧ Бъдеще сега 2006

Читалищното настоятелство на Народно читалище „Бъдеще сега 2006“, област Смолян , на основание чл.14 ал./1/т.8 и чл.15 ал./2/ от Закона на Народните читалища свиква Редовно общо събрание, което ще се[…]

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    Как да вкараме природата в нашия дом?

    Welcome to GROWTH SPARKS with NATURE
    this program composed of 55 lessons
    • Full of games and activities to engage the learners to become excited to learn a new language
    • Will introduce you and your students to a new Science of teaching and learning
    • Includes the latest training models from the international community and the United States language acquisition systems
    • Allows for rapid acquisition of the language and the culture simultaneously.
    • Using props from nature around your school to ignite their listening comprehension and get themstarted in the new language skills.

    Tips for working with Learners

    Tips for working with Learners:
    a) Praise them continuously – focus on the things THEY accomplish…(“your painting is lovely”) building self-esteem is CRITICAL
    b) Things to say: / “you are special” / “you are independent” / “you are strong” / “you did very well” / “you matter to me”/
    c) Ask this question to every child at least once a day: “what do you think about ______?” There is NO wrong answer and it builds critical thinking as they respond, describe, notice,
    compare, react, etc. to the events around them.
    d) Remember the children will never experience this again: their childhood.
    e) Make sure you “inquire and inspire” them to embody “greatness, fairness, honesty”
    f) Model tolerance, kindness, inclusion, collaboration, etc.
    g) Always look for the opportunity to combine praise with a genuine hu g or pat on the back
    h) Use Total Physical Response (TPR) to transition students to speaking, reading, and writing
    i) Create a body-mind connection with activities that include looking, smiling, laughing, turning, walking, reaching, grasping, sitting, running, and so on.
    j) Young learners develop these skills with the target language will begin speaking simultaneously.

    Responsive Design

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    Responsive Design

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation.