Manual Training of trainers

Here you can find the full version of Manual Training of trainers. 

This manual goes together with Methodology Training of Trainers.

The Methodology is part of a comprehensive Model for interventions in the field of competence development among young people, which will increase their realization on the labour market and their social involvement and participation.
In this model the highlight is on youth work and non-formal learning. The concept of measures is based on a thorough survey and the findings thereof, and these measures can be adapted and applied at various levels (local – schools, community, NGOs; regional – municipality, city; national level). This allows the results of the project to be replicated and used as a real tool for the integration of youth work and non-formal learning at different levels, to tackle the problems of young people.

The present manual is one of the tools used to enhance the impact of NFL in preparing young people for their social and professional development, as well as a tool for increasing the importance and the quality of youth work. The creation of the manual “Training of Trainers – Using NFL and Interactive Methods in Youth Work” is a training product that does not exist in countries where the youth sector and NFL are underdeveloped (such as Bulgaria and Romania – partners in the project leading to the production of such manual). The number of training handbooks on non-formal learning is limited and insufficient because of the early stage in the development of the youth sector and of youth work in these countries. The lack of an adequate training framework (in formal education) for youth workers leads to inefficient use of the capacity of professionals working in the field. This handbook fills one of the gaps in the youth sector, namely the need for methodologies for the training of trainers capable of training youth workers.

Download the full version of the Manual Training of trainers HERE