Methodology Training of Trainers

This methodology is developed as a result of cooperation in the youth field between experts from Bulgaria and Romania, in the framework of the project “Non-formal learning for employability” – 2014-1-BG01-KA205-001743, funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme under Key action 2.

The Methodology is part of a comprehensive Model for interventions in the field of competence development among young people, which will increase their realization on the labour market and their social involvement and participation.

In this model the highlight is on youth work and non-formal learning. The concept of measures is based on a thorough survey and the findings thereof, and these measures can be adapted and applied at various levels (local – schools, community, NGOs; regional – municipality, city; national level). This allows the results of the project to be replicated and used as a real tool for the integration of youth work and non-formal learning at different levels, to tackle the problems of young people.

Конференция_Бъдеще на образованиетоThe general framework of the Model developed within the project is based on the following steps:

 Analysis of areas where formal education doesn’t provide practical skills but young people need such skills for employability or social sufficiency – study, research or observation;

 Development of methodologies, manuals and training programs based on non-formal learning to provide relevant competences;

 Preparation of expert Trainers to train and support Youth workers in their direct work with young people;

 Preparing Youth workers to provide training programs for young people interested in the field;

 Support processes at each level by methodologies and guidelines concerning NFL1, modern pedagogy and interactive teaching.

Download the full version of Methodology Training of trainers HERE