Светът има нужда от учители!

Светът има нужда от учители – предай нататък една от най-интересните и вълнуващи програми за придобиване на учителска квалификация! Искате ли да сте част от различен тип училище? Иксате ли да живеете в мултикултурна среда, докато обикаляте с автобус Африка? Социална работа и придобиване на преподавателски опит докато взимате бакалавърска тепен по педагогика?! Научете повече за тази изключителна програма и участвайте, ако намерите сили в себе си!

Повече за програмата на английски език:

1.Year – The International Practice Field includes 2 months in Denmark preparing for a 4-month bus travel; 4 months bus travel through the Sahara desert and 3 months of elaboration and spreading the word to people in Europe; 2.Year – The National Practice Field includes 6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality by seeking employment in factories and other workplaces. Living, studying, working and organizing cultural events in a bigger European city; 3 months studying at the school and 3 months doing what you find most appropriate to do; 3.Year – The School Practice Field includes 8 months training, working and understanding the reality of children and teachers by seeking employment in a European school; 4 months at the college studying and final exams. Starting date: 1st September each year.
The applicant needs: -EU PASSPORT; -Finished A levels;
Contact us and send us the application form. That way we can get to know you and schedule a skype call. Then the applicants can come to our campus in a Preparatoty Weekend where they get to know the place, the teachers and students and also understand how things function in here: the common life, the responsabilities, etc.. In the end, the applicant has a personal meeting where we try to understand if DNS is suitable for you or not. If after that the applicant wants to enroll, then it is also possible to join the saving-up group either here in Denmark or in another place that allows this person to save-up the necessary amount to start the program.
Themes: Equal opportunities, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Anti-drugs/substance abuse, European awareness
Targets: Youth and children, Disabled people
Апликационна форма за включване в програмата
newsletter october 2012.pdf

Повече за органзиацията и програмата на: http://www.dns-tvind.dk/